Auction ID 320828 – Instagram Account 5000 followers

Auction ID 320828 - Instagram Account 5000 followers
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I have never bought followers and I have neither done any follow-unfollow methods, all my followers are organic. This account is 7 months old, with an active and passionate audience. It is all about Vikings and Norse mythology. Now it has 930 likes on average, but in the past it reached 2000 likes per post on average, which a few posts reaching 3100 likes. The audience is 77% male and 23% female, with 38% of people being 25-34 years old, 21% being 18-24, 24% being 35-44 and 10% being 45-54 years old. 36% of followers are from the United States, the rest are from Brazil, UK, Germany, Mexico...

The email is included, although note that the original email is a custom domain ( that redirects all messages to a google email account (, included in the sale.

Account: @born_norse

The price is negotiable. After you purchase I will send you a message with the account and email details.

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