Auction ID 321005 – Imperial Digit Bot

Auction ID 321005 - Imperial Digit Bot
by Mohammedtech(1 review)

Ended at: 16 days 14 hours 15 minutes 35 seconds ago
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Imperial Digit Bot: Suitable for Low Trading Account. ~With Advanced digit Scanning strategy. ~Safe & reliable for daily trading ~Can be used to trade during the weekend & any time 24/7 ~Bot has Automatic Pause-Trading Technique for money management. 💻Create an account to start Automated trading & use this bot to make 5% to 10% daily. Check the picture. How to Start: Step 1: Binary bot Registration: https:// Step 2: Go to Step 3: Upload the downloaded .xml file. (you will receive it after purchasing ) Step 4: Run the bot Step 5: Make money. Train on Demo account first!!
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