Auction ID 320841 – Gate Frame Fabrication Drawing Only

Auction ID 320841 - Gate Frame Fabrication Drawing Only
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This auction is for the fabrication drawing only for the gate frame pictured. We can make minor dimensional adjustments at no extra charge. You then take our drawing to a steel fabricator to have the frame made or do it yourself. After your frame is built you choose the fill material and have it fit and attached to your frame along with any accessories or decorations you wish to add. The gate pictured is a pedestrian gate and has a clear dimension opening of 6'-10"1/4 which is inside/steel post to inside/steel post. The steel alone for this gate weighs almost 900 pounds, this includes the gate frame, the posts either side and the arched beam that spans from post to post above the gate. A narrower gate would not be a problem, but if you want a gate that is wider, it would need to be checked by an engineer and or modified to a double-leaf style gate. This gate will require sizable footers and concrete columns either side that the steel posts are attached to. We can also fabricate the frame and ship it to your location as well as complete any or all of the other steps required to finalize your gate project, making it similar to or even identical to the one pictured--all of this is, of course, not included in this auction. Please visit and contact us for more information and pricing.
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