Auction ID 320694 – MAKE MONEY WITH FITNESS -13 GB Package

Auction ID 320694 - MAKE MONEY WITH FITNESS -13 GB Package
by Mohammedtech(1 review)

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If you want to make money, selling fitness plans can be one of the most profitable ways to do it. You will modify and translate complete fitness guides, fitness plans can be created in the form of a video or PDF, and then sold for download via your online store. You have a full pack of fitness classes, videos, fitness and so on. Take the time to translate everything into your language. Then create an E-Commerce site (WordPress, Shopify) whatever. You can also create an Android / IOS application with the content of your courses for the most intelligent. Put all your freshly translated guides on sale and start your pub. Provide free trials pushing consumption (You have more than 13 GB of course in the pack I will give you) Use social media to promote your site or application. Contains: Fitness tips Training plans Diet Tips And many other things await you! Special offer :Get free WordPress template as bonus. How do you get it? It is simple,when you buy it I will send you a special link to get access to the Mega cloud and you can browse the files online and choose any thing you want to download. What is Mega? Mega is a cloud storage and file hosting service offered by Mega Limited, an Auckland-based company.The service is offered primarily through web-based apps. Mega mobile apps are also available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Website:
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