’s New Member Contest/Drawing’s New Member Contest/Drawing’s New Member Contest/Drawing

In a shameless attempt to attract new members and as a big THANK YOU to the first one hundred people to join, would like to introduce our “New Member Contest/Drawing.” Immediately after the one hundredth membership has been purchased, we will randomly choose three members for the prizes listed below. The first name drawn will be the Grand Prize winner, the second name drawn will be the Second Place Prize Winner, and finally the third…

The prizes are as follows:

Grand Prize: NIB DJI Phantom 4Pro+ Quadcopter Drone

Second Place Prize: .1 bitcoin (membership fee x 10 as of 11/28/17)

Third Place Prize: .02 bitcoin (membership fee x 2 as of 11/28/17)

Multiple chances can be had by paying the appropriate multiple of the membership fee which is currently .01 bitcoin, .02 bitcoin will buy two chances for example. In an effort to maintain our fee at the same level in relation to the so-called U. S. Dollar, we have been adjusting our fee downward as the price of bitcoin has skyrocketed the last several months.

As always we ask that you read the Contest Rules, our Membership page information and the Site Rules which can be found on our Terms and Conditions page before purchasing a membership.

Again there is no set date for the drawing to be held, it simply will be held within seven days after the one hundredth membership has been purchased. We, of course, hope that the drawing will occur sooner rather than later, and while we are anxious to give away the drone, we have to admit to being somewhat reluctant to giving away the bitcoin, but give it away we will.

Please consider membership and secure your chance at winning one of these prizes as well as your membership at where you can buy or sell with bitcoin. After the initial membership fee, we charge the seller only a 2.9% commission on items that sell, but there is no listing fee and no PayPal or any other fees except for the blockchain fee.

We hope you will join us and we hope that you will tell all of your friends and family about us so that together we can all help to make bitcoin a more common currency and hopefully one day we can all truly forget about fiat currencies, monetary controls and banksters.

Bitcoin is the peaceful revolution and the silent protest that can give us victory in the war on corruption and ‘governmental’ insanity, don’t be afraid to join. Choose bitcoin and choose freedom. Be your own bank.

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