Bitcoin—All Aboard at

Bitcoin—All Aboard at

Bitcoin—All Aboard at

Anyone paying attention lately has witnessed the meteoric, and without precedent, rise of bitcoin. There is much being said about this unparalleled marvel in the news, whether that news be fake or real, from the ecstatic praises of bitcoin HODLers, to the derogatory comments of most others, and even wild and unfounded criticisms from Bitcoin opponents. No matter from what perspective one observes this sensation; it is truly a spectacle to behold.

Even as we all have the opportunity to witness the Bitcoin rocket blast its way through the familiar atmosphere of fiat currencies, ‘monetary’ controls and even precious metals, headed for a yet unknown destination that fills its enthusiasts with excitement and dazzles those with a vague knowledge of its existence with curiosity and fear, sadly it is leaving in its wake a significant contingent of the population that are yet unaware that they are being left behind. While those of us that do see the opportunity and are struggling to hop on board while we are still able, those that are comfortably seated in the first class section of the Bitcoin voyage are finally realizing the blissful satisfaction of waving goodbye to that covetous contingent of society—the critics and naysayers of “the new paradigm.” These gatekeepers of the old way, the banksters and those whose parasitical nature is fulfilled by ‘serving’ in so-called governmental positions, have everything to lose, while the rest of us have everything to gain—true freedom. If only we will seize the opportunity… While these would-be rulers of society have long attempted to create their ‘order’ out of chaos, we ARE creating our order, which is freedom, out of crypto.

For these reasons, we have built, and we have several primary objectives: one is to join in on the Bitcoin phenomenon and another is to alert others and to take them with us so that together we can build our Valhalla—a society that is based on freedom, not on the control and manipulation of others. We are ecstatic at the prospect of taking leave of the status quo, and we feel empathy for those that do not yet even know that the rocket of freedom has been built.

Buying bitcoin is getting easier in some respects these days, but one obvious difficulty is having the extra ‘dollars’ to put into it. We began this journey simply by looking for a place where we could convert some stuff directly to bitcoin. Imagine that one has a collectible item worth quite a lot. First off, one would have to sell it for conventional ‘money,’ and that ‘money’ is more often than not going to be in the form of a check. Consequently, even if one sells something with the intention of converting the money received into bitcoin, there is still quite a bit of hassle involved, namely converting funds into cash. With the price of bitcoin now at almost $10,000, buying one bitcoin will more than likely raise some eyebrows at the local ‘bank’ when you ask for $10,000 cash, even though it is your ‘money.’ Since we did not find a haven that would alleviate this significant step for us, we decided to build it ourselves. Now while there apparently is, and or have been, several sites that allow for the conversion of stuff to bitcoin so to speak, none of these are ‘point to point’ bitcoin transactions as they all involve a fourth party such as Bitpay, and it is in this manner—the involvement of other parties—that thefts have occurred in the past.

At, party A sells their item to party B via us, directly for bitcoin. Normally this would involve some risk. What if party A never sends party B the item after party B has already sent bitcoin to party A? With bitcoin, there is no central authority that receives complaints, issues refunds, or oversees mediation. On the other hand, what if party B bids on party A’s item, but party B is just a phantom or mischief-maker or simply gets cold feet? These are legitimate concerns and might normally be a hindrance to such transactions, but we at have solved this dilemma. Our system practically eliminates phantom buyers and or sellers by charging a membership fee. The fee is relatively small, but significant enough that it will almost certainly assure good behavior amongst our members. We have also instituted a system of confirmations in an effort to keep both the buyer and seller, as well as ourselves, happy and safe. This is explained in detail in our Site Rules that can be found on our Terms and Conditions page. We have a FAQ page as well and one is also always welcome to write us and ask us any question(s) which we will gladly answer.

You are no longer forced into being left behind only to marvel at the Bitcoin rocket from afar due to a lack of funds. As long as you have something of value that someone else would want, you can convert that directly to bitcoin at We strive to be a central Bitcoin location, providing several price tickers, a newsfeed and many other useful links that will help everyone from the Bitcoin novice to the bitcoin HODLer.

The future of Bitcoin is uncertain, but if 2017 has been any indication, you will want to grab your shades. Could Bitcoin fail? As long as humans are involved, anything is possible. One of the great things about Bitcoin is its inherent virtue and one thing is definite, there will be no “too big to fail” with Bitcoin, even though the ‘dollar’ now fails miserably in comparison with it. If Bitcoin fails, it simply fails and that will be the end of it, and that is as it should be. Bitcoin is loved by its proponents primarily because it is juxtaposed to the private and uncontrollable IOU’s that are backed by nothing. Most of us have been deceived into referring to these IOU’s as dollars. The only legal (not to be confused with lawful) printing presses were established long ago by those that now enjoy an economic stranglehold on most of the rest of us, but now we all have a chance to disregard and discard the financial shackles that were seemingly irremovable just a short time ago. Will we take back our freedom? Have we become too comfortable with our monetary chains? As for us at, we choose Bitcoin, and along with it freedom.

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